Panellist - Natalie Bramble

CEO, iClick2Learn
Author 'Win the Grant'

Natalie Bramble

I write in first person mostly (talking directly to the reader) but feel free to change that.

I'm the CEO and co-founder of iClick2Learn. We develop and deliver online learning for government, enterprises, associations and companies. As a certified social enterprise, we reinvest the profits to build the capacity of volunteers and staff in community groups, helping them Govern, Fund and Manage their organisations.

I'm also the Author of 'Win the Grant with The Grant Writing System'. Sharing the very system that helps me achieve a consistent 80%+ success rate. My career has been spent at the intersection of education, enterprise, community, tourism and economic impact.

My working career has been as diverse as my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve worked across many industries, including retail, accommodation, human services, wholesale, hospitality, real estate, cultural tourism, event management, education, marketing and promotions, management and governance, consulting and eLearning.

I’ve ideated and launched 4 start-ups, taken products to market and learnt a lot from the many useful mistakes made! I’ve prioritised applied learning on the job and embraced the value of academic learning along the way with various certificates diplomas and an MBA.

I’ve delved in every topic that’s captured my interest and adds value to my work, including asset-based community development, human centred design, social impact, social return on investment, law, entrepreneurship, governance, community building and critical thinking, to name a few.

When I’m not strategising or learning, I’m volunteering or winding down by travelling indulging in food, experiences, cycling, sitting by the fire or cuddling my cat alongside my fabulous husband and cofounder, Glen.

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