Keynote Speaker - Joh Leader

Founder and CEO, LeaderLife
Joh Leader
Oozing warmth, sincerity and compassion, Joh Leader has taken formidable strides in providing sincere, meaningful holistic long-term support for kids and young people caught in the crossfire of some of the most complex social issues anyone could face, and so falling through the cracks of society.
In 2010, Joh recognised a significant gap in the Dubbo community and sought to make a change by founding LeaderLife
an ordinary organisation doing extraordinary things, ultimately helping kids and families doing it tough to live their best life.
Joh is passionate about finding community solutions for kids instead of jail terms. She partners with many others to reduce the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth in the judicial system. In 2020 Joh started a social impact venture of running a lime farm that was solely developed as a sustainable model to create jobs and meaningful training for young people finding it difficult to find work. The successes of the lime farm has inspired LeaderLife to embark on Syntropic Agroforestry and Aquaponics in 2023, all whilst employing unemployable young people having a tough time.
Joh inspires those around her to look empathetically past the behaviour and beyond the damage, and recognise the potential of these smart, resilient young people who often just need someone to help them grow. For many years she has supported thousands of marginalised kids and their families, and it’s her vision to continue sharing knowledge, expanding partnerships and helping as many young people as possible.
‘Think big. Start small and start quickly!’

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