Panellist - Angela Armstrong

Owner/Director, Callubri Station
Angela Armstrong

Raised on a small family farm in the rolling green hills of the Yarra Valley near Melbourne, Angie never imagined she would one day trade the urban hustle for life on an outback station. But 15 years ago a serendipitous encounter brought together a city IT consultant and fourth-generation Nyngan farmer, sparking a transformative journey.

Angie embarked on a self-taught career in hospitality and tourism establishing The Cocky’s Wife—an endeavor that brought bespoke event catering and a gourmet café to the red dirt tracks of outback NSW. But it wasn’t long before their combined passions for food and farming sparked an ambitious new project.

Today, Angie, alongside her husband Mike, serves as co-director of Callubri Station – a luxury outback lodge and event venue nestled between Nyngan and Tottenham. Whilst showcasing ‘the everyday’ with a luxurious flair, authenticity remains firmly at the heart of their offering. The property's unique accommodation, The Sky Suites, is crafted from repurposed shipping containers, cantilevered three stories high to offer private vistas across the pool to the wild western plains.

With commercial farming as the backdrop for their agritourism enterprise, the historic station’s 145-year family farming legacy offers guests a rare glimpse into rural Australian life and the pioneering history of the region. With a passion for fostering a deeper shared understanding between urban and rural communities, and re-defining luxury travel, Callubri Station embodies the essence of contemporary agritourism.

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