Panellist - Amanda Ferrari 

Director, Boarding Schools Expo Australia
Amanda Ferrari

Amanda Ferrari was raised and educated in Sydney, following University she found herself on a 'gap year' at Warren where she branched out into, what was then, a relatively new cotton industry. Fast forward 30 plus years or so and she's literally married to the land, raising three country kids with farmer Ross and truly living her dream. The learning curve has remained steep.... cropping, fat lambs, cattle, cotton and technology. By far the steepest slope she's had to climb is the decision around sending three country kids to boarding school.

For many families in rural and remote Australia, where they live means boarding school is the only option in order to provide a choice. Living near a town that has one high school does not provide a choice - living remotely where learning in isolation is the only option is not a choice. For others, it’s simply an option they’d like to explore.

Amanda's belief is that education is about choice and ultimately opportunity. That the more rural, regional and remote children that have the opportunity of boarding school, the opportunity to broaden their connections, opinions and tolerances, then the better our regions will be for it. She believes this opportunity should be available to all that seek it for their children and with that, Boarding Schools Expo Australia welcomes all boarding schools to their platform, from the city schools, to the regional boarding schools, to the independent and government boarding schools. They support them all in bringing their story and offering to as many families as possible.

Essentially they provide a welcome mat between parents and boarding schools – everything you ever wanted to know in one place under one roof and closer to the places you call home.

Boarding Schools Expo has been a trusted resource for families for 19 years with close to 15,000 children attending their events - in person and online.

With in-person events throughout NSW, Victoria and Queensland and our online Australian Boarding Schools Summit (incorporating Boarding Expo 365 with up to 30 partner schools exhibiting) there’s an option for people wherever they live. Their online Summit is for families - discussing the issues that matter to them whether they're still deciding if boarding is for them, or whether they've already started boarding school.

Their events are Free, they always have been and they always will be.

Amanda's three kids are now adults, all returned to rural and regional Australia, bringing back careers and professions that our regional areas desperately need. Farmer Ross is finally seeing a net positive return on investment.

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